SOLID PhD course

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SOLID seminars

The SOLID seminar series is intended for a broad audience and is open for everyone. Please join physically - if possible - at DTU, building 310, Foyer. In addition the seminars will be distributed via Zoom. The talks are 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of general questions, and 1 hour of more detailed discussion. Where speakers give permission to do so, the seminars will be recorded and uploaded on this site - find it under Previous seminars to the left.

The seminars are announced in the calendar.

SOLID Group seminars 

All affiliated and financed junior SOLID partners from all 5 universities are supposed to present two times during the three years PhD studies at the SOLID Group seminars on the first Wednesday in every month from 9-10. Two presentations are scheduled for each seminar. 

The seminars are announced in the calendar. 


SOLID Special PhD course

The center of excellence SOLID unites research activities in solid materials at all Danish universities. Seminar series are organized with international speakers covering the wide variety of research topics in the center. PhD students participate in altogether 8 of these seminars and read 1-2 key articles authored by the international presenter in advance, so they are well-prepared for the seminars. They have to read 12-16 publications on different topics.  At the end of the course, the students prepare a presentation on the research topic in the seminar series that is closest to their PhD topic. The presentation should cover additional literature within their field. This “extra” reading is not reflected in the ECTS points because it is part of the PhD project. A presentation of 40 minutes is given for all other PhDs participating in the seminar series and researchers represented in SOLID.

The presentations by international speakers will be either on-site or on-line, depending on their availability.

Please contact Marcel ( to enroll your PhD student.

SOLID lectures, workshops and assembly's

The SOLID staff and guests regularly give presentations and facilitate workshops.

These events are announced in the Calendar.