Exploring Materials with high-energy X-rays

Friday 24 Mar 23

Who is Jonathan Almer?

Jonathan Almer is a beamline scientist at the synchrotron APS. In connection with the APS update they are building the largest high energy X-ray (>40 keV) beamline for materials science anywhere, combining tomography, 3DXRD, Bragg CDI and DFXM. Jon will describe their plans and illustrate with examples of work.

More about him and his work you can find here: Jonathan D. Almer | Argonne National Laboratory (anl.gov)

On 17th March Jonathan Almer gave a lecture in Aarhus University on Exploring Materials with High-Energy X-rays

In his presentation, Jonathan Almer talked about the Argonne National Laboratory and the Argonne Facilities, which are enabling science from nano to exascale. They use the unique properties that high energy X-rays provide and combine in-situ high-energy techniques. The lecture contained broad explanation of different ways of imaging microstructure with high-energy X-rays and examples for scattering-based tomography. Part of the lecture was also Advanced Photon Source (APS) Upgrade and the new High Energy X-rays (HEX) capabilities. 

You can download the presentation here: JA_Denmark_March23

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