SOLID Group seminar - CANCELLED

Please join SOLID Group seminar, where PhD Students, part of SOLID are presenting their work.

Peter Alling Strange Vibe with presentation on "Understanding Narwhal tusk growth from X-ray computed tomography", from AU Chemistry / i-NANO with opponent Luise Theil Kuhn, DTU Energy. This is going to be the first time Peter Alling Strange Vibe is presenting in front of the SOLID group!

Willemien de Kock, with presentation on "CT and sea turtles - opportunities for archaeology" from KU Biology with opponent Kristine Niss, RUC INM


Duration of each presentation:
15 minutes presentation + questions.

The senior SOLID partners will on turn provide feedback immediately after each presentation. 


Wed 05 Apr 23
9:00 - 10:00


Building 310, room 036 and Zoom