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SOLID Seminars

The SOLID seminar series is intended for a broad audience and is open for everyone. Please join physically - if possible - at DTU, building 310, Foyer. In addition the seminars will be distributed via Zoom. The talks are 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of general questions, and 1 hour of more detailed discussion. Where speakers give permission to do so, the seminars will be recorded and uploaded on this site - find it under Previous seminars to the left.


Speaker list 2021:

  • Tuesday, 20 April at 9:00 (Zoom)
    Prof. David Paganin, ESRF

    Title: How to get more from your neutrons and photons
    David M. Paganin, Monash University, Australia

    This talk will give a broad overview of an imaging method that was published by myself and others in 2002*. The method utilises both the refractive and absorptive information that is present in a sample. Its main advantage, when applicable, is that it can significantly reduce exposure time. Typical exposure-time reductions for x-ray imaging are by several orders of magnitude. Similar exposure-time reductions are possible for neutrons. While the method has been widely employed for x-ray imaging, opportunities remain for applications to neutron imaging. Some broad remarks will also be made regarding optimal ways of applying the method with the divergent beam that is typical of neutron research. This talk will be at a very general level that assumes no prior experience with phase contrast imaging.

    * Paganin, D., Mayo, S.C., Gureyev, T.E., Miller, P.R. and Wilkins, S.W. Simultaneous phase and amplitude extraction from a single defocused image of a homogeneous object, Journal of Microscopy 206 33-40 (2002).

SOLID lectures

The SOLID staff and guests regularly give presentations and facilitate workshops. These are announced in the Calendar.



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